Why a Christmas store that never closes?

About This Store

This is a Christmas store unlike any other. It never packs up and goes home after the holidays. It never closes. It stays open for those who couldn't celebrate on Christmas or those who just never want it to end. 


We started this website because we believe you should be able to celebrate Christmas any old way you want to and whenever you want to. Remember that family in your neighborhood that kept their Christmas lights up all year? Did you think they were just too lazy to take them down? Well, maybe they weren't lazy. Maybe they just loved Christmas? Have you heard of the woman who loves gingerbread houses so much she wants to live in one someday? We hope she gets her wish. 

Why We Believe in Christmas All Year

We are a military family that spent many holidays away from our loved ones. We had to celebrate just whenever we could. There are many reasons for not being able to celebrate on December 25th. We want you to feel like you can celebrate the holidays whenever you are able. Merry Christmas to all of you from our family. Our wish is this website brings you some joy and allows you to be your Christmas-loving self. 

Girl with Snowman